Call for Papers

The College of Business at Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, UAE in collaboration with Global Corporate Governance Institute (GCGI) conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, Ethics & Governance invite papers for its conference on the theme of CSR, Sustainability, Ethics, and Governance. In particular, this conference aims at exploring about “a set of business practices for the purpose of making difference in the lives of those whom we care for and also in ourselves so as to make the society a lively place for us to thrive”.

In today’s world, the firms across industry and geography need to practice an organizational value symbolizing corporate social responsibility in all their internal processes as well as offerings - products and services. As a result, the organizations should develop and encourage their employees to have concern for or helping others to improve the welfare and happiness of others. In other words, the organization should show concern for the welfare of humanity, especially in acting to improve the living conditions of the impoverished people. It does not mean doling out money to the needy people but to partner with the government to create training and developmental centers, nursing homes, charitable institutions, etc. for developing competencies, skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to be contribute to the continual growth of the society, the nation, and the world. Therefore, the organizational leaders should implement an organizational architecture wherein the value called “corporate social responsibility” could thrive and mold organizational behavior wherein “helping others” become a buzzword and get institutionalized through a performance appraisal system which gives high weight for such a desired job behaviors. The corporate social responsibility if practiced more a kind of dominant than soft beliefs & value system, it helps the organization to seamlessly achieve both internal integration as well as the external adaptation in the present day world order.

This conference aims to focus on how does “the corporate social responsibility” values should be developed and leveraged by managers and leaders to drive their organizations to achieve the reasons for their existence. Moreover, issues related to the broad theme of the conference include, but are not restricted to, the following: 

  1. How can the corporate social responsibility helps resolve sustainable business challenges that managers in national, trans-national and multinational enterprises have had to contend in their organizations in 21st century? 

  2. How do sustainable management practices influence changes in the strategies of Asian firms in the emerging, the frontier and the developed market with intrinsic organizational values of serving the larger society where it operates?

  3. What kind of structural, cultural & technological architectures should be installed in organizations operating across different economies of the world when corporate social responsibility becomes core beliefs & values of both organization and society?

  4. How does corporate social responsibility as organizational beliefs & value systems help managers to manage the turbulent business environment in Asia and the world?

  5. How does corporate social responsibility affect the business strategy of the Asian and non-Asian firms and corresponding changes in organizational systems and practices to be competitive in the booming as well as dooming business environment?

  6. Does organization need to innovate different accounting, auditing & financial practices to stay competitive in the complex business environment in 21st century when organization practices a kind of beliefs & value systems where the goal is to make a difference in the societal life? What are new skills and competencies that accounting and finance managers should possess in the present era to be efficient as well as effective at the workplace?

  7. How does corporate social responsibility values affect entrepreneurial ventures to remain competitive in the emerging markets of Asia and the globe?

  8. What are the key challenges inbuilt marketing strategy of products and services in the frontier, the emerging and the developed markets in the world? How does corporate social responsibility influence sustainable marketing strategies for organizations to stay relevant and competitive in the arena of international business?   

The conference program will consist of keynote speeches, competitive paper sessions, and interactive poster sessions. All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed.

Abstract submissions are accepted in three categories to be specified during abstract submission:

  • Full Academic Paper (approx. 6000 words)
  • Short Academic Paper / Work in Progress / Extended Abstract (approx. 2500 words)
  • Practitioner Presentation (1 page abstract)

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed and considered for acceptance, and authors will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of the review process. All accepted abstracts will be included in the conference programme and made available to all conference delegates.